About Us

Welcome to myComplianceIQ

myComplianceIQ was founded in 2015 by active senior compliance officers as a platform for individuals to benchmark their understanding of compliance disciplines through a series of short multiple choice tests.

Our Advisory Board comprises senior legal and compliance luminaries each of whom brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism in their respective field. All questions are subject to ongoing QA to ensure they challenge and educate in equal measure.

Our vision is ultimately to offer coverage in all major areas of Compliance across all major regulatory jurisdictions. We have initially targeted financial crime, but new modules will be released over the coming weeks and months.

The speed of regulatory change and the penalties for non-compliance have never posed a greater risk for institutions and individuals operating in the financial services sector.
The ability for individuals to understand and apply regulation quickly, accurately and in a pressurised environment can be the difference between successful compliance and enforcement.
Questions are designed to test understanding from 4 different perspectives; Law & Regulation, Regulatory Guidance, Industry Guidance and Practical Application. Questions are ranked by difficulty and randomly selected from a library. Each test is therefore unique in terms of specific questions, but equivalent in terms of overall difficulty. Scores are ranked by percentage of correct responses and time taken to complete.
A unique feature of myComplianceIQ is the ability for individuals to continually measure their performance relative to their peer group. Members receive a true reflection of their relative strengths and weaknesses against their peers which is not available through traditional training methods. Individuals can identify potential development areas, take remedial actions and then re-test.
The more complete and accurate information you provide, the more detailed the analysis of your performance.

Whether you are a graduate considering entering the compliance industry or a veteran compliance practitioner myComplianceIQ is a valuable tool in gaining a competitive edge in today’s compliance market. Please share your feedback with us as we are keen to meet your expectations.
Thanks for your interest and good luck!