Good website and tricky questions. Sorts out the AML Diplomas from the people with real experience!!

Regulatory Partner, 'Big 4' Professional Services Provider

Very good test by the way! It is tough.

Transaction Monitoring Analyst, Regional Corporate & Investment Bank

Great product. Much tougher than other tests I have taken on these subjects. Looking forward to the Conduct modules.

Head of Transaction Surveillance, Regional Corporate & Investment Bank

I have to say once I had completed it I felt I had been tested. I was quite relieved to see my score.

MLRO, Regional Investment Bank

The IQ test was a good mixture of technical and practical questions. As a recruiting Manager of KYC Analysts for over 12 years this would be an excellent tool to help evaluate a candidate’s experience. I particularly liked the time limit to prevent people looking up the answer so you get a true perception of their AML knowledge.

Director of Client On-Boarding, EMEA Investment Bank

I admit I was a little nervous about taking the test until I realised only the top performers can enter the Hall of Fame and even then some use the name Rumpole. Brilliant!

Regional Head of Financial Crime , Global Investment Bank